About M90


since 1990. products made in EU working only with best materials on the market


Who We Are

The M-90 ammunition factory in Croatia was founded in Ozalj in 1990, and today it is headquarter, plant and store located in Duga Resa near Karlovac. Production facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art machines and control devices. The entire production pro- cess is monitored and controlled by computer. The M-90 works closely with the largest French-Italian manufacturer of firearm components, the Cheddite company from Livorno.

We use the best European- materials for making ammunition. Today, the M-90 is a mod- ern and prospective factory that meets all the demands of hunters and shooters for quality ammo. The founder and owner of the company M-90, Željko Vušir was an active hunter, shooter and ballistic expert, and his extensive theoreti- cal knowledge was literally checked on a daily basis at the M-90 Examination Laboratory, hunting ground.